VIDEO: Theme park Majaland Kownaty opened in a most spectacular way

Publié le 29 septembre 2018

After years of intense preparation, Plopsa and Momentum Capital presented the brand-new theme park, Majaland Kownaty, to the public this evening. The construction of the park has a price tag of 20 million Euros.

Plopsa has a brand-new park as from today! Majaland Kownaty, the very first Polish park within the international theme park group, was presented to the general public by means of an animated opening show today . Numerous international guests attended the official opening. “We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time.”, Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of the Plopsa Group beamed happily. “The result is wonderful, we are therefore extremely proud of what our investment and construction teams have accomplished.”  

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO of Momentum Capital, is also very satisfied: “The opening of Majaland was a team effort to which the local authorities and community, the team in Poland, the awesome expertise of Plopsa and Studio 100, Momentum Capital and its co-investors all contributed. Moreover, we are going to cater for the market with the first real theme park in Poland. That we were honoured to realize this together with Studio 100 and Plopsa makes us extremely proud!”  

Studio 100 founders Gert Verhulst & Hans Bourlon were also present to celebrate the result of the collaboration between the Dutch investment group Momentum Capital and Plopsa. “Maya the Bee is immensely popular in Poland. The realization of a park around Maya, supplemented with many other Studio 100 figures, fits perfectly into our 360° model, explains Gert Verhulst. “The opening of Majaland Kownaty also fits perfectly in with our ambition to continue to grow.”  The opening party was concluded with a breath-taking fireworks display.  

Future plans  

Moreover, a new investment was announced during the festive opening show. For example, the construction works for the construction of a new attraction in the form of a wooden roller coaster have recently been started. It will be the very first wooden roller coaster in Poland. The price tag of this new showpiece amounts to 7,5 million Euros.

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